Table 1. Questions used in qualitative assessment of perceived learning and selected student responses.
Did this lab help you better understand the four mechanisms of evolution? If so, which mechanisms do you think it helped explain the most?Would you enjoy doing this exercise as an introductory biology lab?
Yes, this lab was very helpful in teaching and reinforcing the four mechanisms of evolution. I felt that this experiment helped to really explain the difference between natural selection and genetic drift and the lab really applied a good visual understanding.Yes, it was a fun interactive experiment that made evolution fun and taught the subject in an interesting fashion.
Yes, it helped with both migration and selection. Visualizing that organisms cannot migrate and would die if they don't match their environment.Yes! Visualization really helps.
Yes, it really helped with migration and selection.Yes! A hands-on activity with a good explanation of how it works is very helpful when understanding a subject like this.
I understand migration and mutation more, not drift or selection.Yes, it is better than just paper and it would keep you guessing on what happens next.
Yes, really showed how population size should be large in order for evolution to occur.Yes
Yes, it was helpful to see it actually happen. The legos helped me understand the mutation effect.Yes, it was one of the most fun evolution labs I have done so far.
Mutation was explained more to me however I'm still confused about migration/genetic drift.Yes, I did but luck wasn't on our side.
Yes to some degree. It was best at showing how selection acts on mutation.Yes, it had the unexpected result of showing the bottleneck effect and the random possibility of extinction.
Yes. It helped me understand more about mutations and genetic drift.It was awesome!
Yes, helped with mutation the most, then migration.Yes, it was a fun hands-on lab.