Table 1. Species-specific planarian features.
NameSizeHead shape and AuriclesPigmentation
Girardia sp.6–18 mm long and 1–3 mm wideHead: Triangular with rounded anterior tip.
Auricles: Short and broad.
Dorsal side: Almost uniformly brown with irregularly dispersed white splotches.
Ventral side: Lighter than the dorsal side.
Dugesia dorotocephala30 mm long and 3.5 mm wideHead: Triangular with rather pointed anterior tip.
Auricles: Elongated, sharply pointed, extended laterally, and held elevated while the worm is moving.
Dorsal side: Composed of spots of various shades of brown, white, and black.
Ventral side: Lighter than the dorsal side.
Phagocata morgani14 mm long and 2 mm wideHead: Rectangular with truncated anterior end and rounded lateral edges.
Auricles: Flattened along the head.
Dorsal and ventral sides: White because of the lack of pigmentation.
Phagocata gracilis8–30 mm long and 1.5–6 mm wide.Head: Truncated at the anterior end with slightly bulging frontal margin.
Auricles: Rounded and protruding laterally at the anterior end of the head.
Dorsal side: Dark brown to almost black.
Ventral side: Somewhat lighter than the dorsal side. The pharynx cavity contains multiple pharynges.