Table 3. Function and expression localization of genes used for the WISH protocol.
NameFunctionTissue specific expressionCitation
piwi-1Protein that promotes stem cell maintenance and differentiation.stem cells (neoblasts)Reddien et al., 2005
pc2Enzyme whose activity is the proteolytic processing of prohormones to mature neuropeptides.nervous systemCollins et al., 2010
opsin-likeLight-sensitive protein with the ability to convert photons of light into electrochemical signal.eyesSánchez Alvarado & Newmark, 1999
porcupine-likeProtein involved in the pathway of lipid metabolism.gut branchesGurley et al., 2008
laminin-likeFibrous protein present in the basement membrane of epithelia.pharynxCebrià & Newmark, 2007
innexinTransmembrane protein involved in the formation of channels permeable to ions and small molecules.protonephridia (kidney)Oviedo & Levin, 2007
collagenElongated fibril mostly found in fibrous tissues, such as muscle tissue.muscleWitchley et al., 2013
ifbCytoplasmic intermediate filament involved in mechanical strength and structure attachment in epidermal cells.dorsoventral (D/V edge)Molina et al., 2011
slitSecreted midline protein with repulsive activity that prevents some cells to cross the midline.midlineCebrià et al., 2007
sfrp-1Secreted frizzled-related protein and modulator of wnt signaling.anterior endGurley et al., 2008
frizzled-likeWnt receptor involved in the maintenance of the posterior tissues.posterior endGurley et al., 2008