Table 1. Course sequences in General Genetics (BIO 317) at Creighton University.
Fall 2014—“Mendel first”Fall 2015—“molecules first”
The genetic systemThe genetic system and genetic analysis
Inheritance of single genes in eukaryotesDNA structure and organization into chromosomes
Variations in single gene inheritanceDNA replication and transmission in prokaryotes
Inheritance of independently assorting genesDNA replication and transmission in eukaryotes
Inheritance of organelle genesTranscription in prokaryotes
Gene interactionsTranscription and RNA processing in eukaryotes
Inheritance of linked genes and recombinationProtein synthesis
Mapping genes on eukaryotic chromosomesCloning and sequencing of DNA
Mapping genes in bacteriaTranscriptomes and proteomes
DNA structure and chromosome organizationInheritance of single genes in eukaryotes
DNA replicationSex linkage and human pedigree analysis
TranscriptionDihybrid crosses and independent assortment
RNA processingVariations in Mendelian patterns
Protein synthesisPolygenic traits and epistatic interactions
Regulation of gene expression in bacteriaOrganelle genetics
Regulation of gene expression in eukaryotesInheritance of linked genes and recombination
Transposable elementsMapping genes on eukaryotic chromosomes
MutationMapping genes in bacteria
DNA RepairMolecular mechanisms of recombination
Recombination and recombinational repairRegulation of gene expression in bacteria
Large-scale chromosomal changesRegulation of gene expression in eukaryotes
Population geneticsTransposable elements
Inheritance of complex traitsLarge-scale chromosomal changes