Table 1. Crosscutting Concepts, Science & Engineering Practices, and Life Sciences Core Idea in the Next Generation Science Standards covered by this class.
Crosscutting ConceptsPart of Lesson
Patterns: Observed patterns of forms and events guide organization and classification, and they prompt questions about relationships and the factors that influence them.After watching the video and summarizing the main features of DNA structure, students identify patterns, including how it is composed of repeating nucleotide base pairs.
Cause and effect: Mechanism and explanation. Events have causes, sometimes simple, sometimes multifaceted. A major activity of science is investigating and explaining causal relationships and the mechanisms by which they are mediated. Such mechanisms can then be tested across given contexts and used to predict and explain events in new contexts.During the students' presentation, they attempt to explain the underlying causes of the DNA structural patterns and interpret the functions associated to DNA replication process.
Structure and function: The way in which an object or living thing is shaped and its substructure determine many of its properties and functions.During the students' presentation, they interpret functions associated with the process of DNA replication in terms of underlying structural patterns.
Science & Engineering PracticesPart of Lesson
Developing and using modelsStudents are asked to design and construct DNA models and to describe the structure of DNA.
Engaging in argument from evidenceStudents are required to create arguments that include both evidence for their position and justification of their response.
Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating informationStudents working in groups share and evaluate arguments with their peers.
Life Sciences Core IdeaPart of Lesson
Inheritance of traits: DNA carries instructions for forming species' characteristics. Each cell in an organism has the same genetic content, but genes expressed by cells can differ.By explaining the process of DNA replication based on the DNA structure, students demonstrate their understanding that all the cells in an organism have the same genetic content.