Table 7.

Human egg and sperm facts (Daniels et al., 2007, pp. 296, 304).

Sperm FactsEgg Facts
1Sperm cells are the smallest in the body. They measure 0.002 inches.The egg is the largest cell in the human body.
2The male body creates 300–400 million sperm cells per day.The size of a pinhead, it is the only human cell that can be seen with the naked eye.
3Formation of mature sperm cells takes 64–72 days.The release of eggs does not alternate between the two ovaries.
4A milliliter of semen contains 50–130 million sperm cells.After ovulation, an egg is available to be fertilized for 12–48 hours.
5Sperm cells live only 48 hours after ejaculation.Adult women may produce about 400 eggs during their lifetimes. But few of the ova are actually used, and at least one ovum, or egg, is released each month from the beginning of menstruation until menopause.
6Male sperm is suspended in a nutrient-rich alkaline liquid.Vaginal fluid is acidic, which is potentially lethal to sperms.