Table 1. Content of survey questions. All research was reviewed and approved by Arizona State University's Institutional Review Board, protocol #00001453.
Student Views on the Relationship between Religion and Evolution*
In a few sentences, briefly describe your views on the relationship between religion and evolutionary theory.
Student Discomfort with Discussions about Religion and Evolution**
Looking back at the evolution module, did anything in the lectures, videos, discussion boards, readings, or discussions with visitors about religion make you uncomfortable? If yes, please explain.
Student Demonstrated Appreciation of Discussions about Religion and Evolution**
Looking back at the evolution module—including visitors, lectures, discussion boards, and readings—was there anything that was presented about religion and evolution that you appreciated? If yes, please explain.
Student Religiosity*
Rate each of the following eight questions on a 5-point scale from strongly disagree (1) to strongly agree (5):
  • My personal religious beliefs are very important to me.

  • My religion or faith is an important part of my identity.

  • If someone wanted to understand who I am as a person, my religion or faith would be very important in that.

  • I attend religious services regularly.

  • I practice the requirements of my religion or faith.

  • I believe in God.

  • I consider myself a religious person.

  • I consider myself a spiritual person.

  • * Questions were asked both pre- and post-evolution module.

  • ** Questions were asked post-evolution module.