Table 7. Representative quiz and examination questions, showing the percentage of students answering the question correctly (n = 78).
Question% Students Correct
During the pancake lab, you illustrated natural selection. Match the following components with the correct natural selection term in questions 1–4:
a. ingredients, b. Pancake Judges, c. pancake batter, d. winning pancakes.
1. Allele variation 94
2. Environment 86
3. Ancestral organism 85
4. Surviving population100
5. All of the following are correct descriptions of the way that natural selection occurs, except that
a. populations are composed of individuals that have variation in traits
b. individuals change traits during their lifetime, passing on these traits to offspring
c. populations have more offspring than can survive in the environment
d. individuals more suited to the environment survive, passing on their traits to offspring
6. Evolution is a term that is often misinterpreted. Which of the following is the unit that evolves, or changes, over time?
a. An element
b. An atom
c. An individual
d. A population