Table 1. Summary of published mitosis and meiosis modeling instructional approaches. Columns on the right half of the table indicate whether the article reports a measure of student performance and/or data regarding student perceptions of the instructional approach described. When such information has been included in the article, a brief description is provided.
ReferenceMaterials Used in Modeling ApproachStudent Performance Data Included in Article?Student Perceptions Data Included in Article?
Mathis, 1979Audio tapes and manipulable cell modelsYes, 5 knowledge-recall items, 5 comprehension- or application-level itemsYes, Likert scale
Coleman, 1986Wooden clothes pegsNoNo
McKean & Gibson, 1989Paper, paper clips, and stringNoNo
Oakley, 1994Sweat socksNoNo
Levy & Benner, 1995RibbonsNoNo
Stencel, 1995String and paperNoNo
Clark & Mathis, 2000Yarn, pipe cleaners, clothesline and Petri dishesNoYes, Likert scale and free response
Harrell, 2001Velcro, yarn, and adhesive notesNoNo
Chinnici et al., 2004Students as “human chromosomes”Yes, responses to “bonus” questions on exam for extra creditAnecdotal, two student comments from written feedback
Lock & McDermid, 2005Pool noodlesNoUnsolicited student feedback on teaching evaluations
Stavroulakis, 2005Sweat socksNoAnecdotal
Chinnici et al., 2006Sweat socksNoYes, course evaluation comments
Kreiser & Hairston, 2007Students as “human chromosomes”Yes, exam scoresNo
Wright & Newman, 2011Sweat socksYes, exam items and student interviewsNo
Luo, 2012SpringsNoYes